Internal Audit Unit

We have an Internal Audit Unit or Internal Audit (IA) which functions to provide an independent and objective perspective on the condition of internal controls, risk management, and the Corporate Governance process in our business activities. The purpose of this function is to act as a catalyst, through the delivery of recommendations for Telkom in improving its business operations.

Vision and Mission of the Internal Audit Unit
Vision: To be a trusted advisor and strategic partner to support the realization of the company's vision while still meeting the aspects of Good Corporate Governance (GCG).


  1. Provide independent, objective, and professional assurance and consulting services to the management of TelkomGroup to improve the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls, governance processes, and risk management;
  2. Provide assurance on the fairness of the Company's financial reporting; and
  3. Actively oversee the implementation of internal controls, provide support in improving the implementation of GCG, and evaluate the performance of the Company's risk management.

Structure and Positioning of the Internal Audit Unit
As regulated in the applicable capital market regulations, IA is an independent unit from other work units and is directly responsible to the CEO.

The Authority, Duties and Responsibilities of the Internal Audit Unit and the Requirements for Internal Auditors are regulated based on the following Internal Audit Charter: download