Internal Audit Unit

We have an Internal Audit Unit (IA) which serves to provide an independent and objective view of the conditions of internal control, risk management, and the Corporate Governance process in our business activities. The purpose of this function is to be a catalyst, through the submission of recommendations for Telkom to improve its business operations.


Vision and Mission of the Internal Audit Unit


As a "Smart Partner" for Management, Business Units / Work Units and subsidiaries in order to achieve the Company's objectives and as a supporter for all levels of the Company and subsidiaries to create a culture of discipline in implementing all statutory provisions / policies / regulations / procedures / processes applicable business.


  1. Provide IA services and consultancy in a professional, objective and independent manner for Management, Business Units / Work Units, subsidiaries.
  2. Providing assurance (assurance) regarding the feasibility of financial reporting.
  3. Actively monitor the implementation of internal controls, provide support in improving the implementation of GCG, and evaluate the implementation of risk management.

Structure and Position of the Internal Audit Unit

As regulated in the applicable capital market regulations, IA is a unit that is independent of other work units and is directly responsible to the President Director. The following is a chart of the structure of the IA Telkom organization.






Duties and Responsibilities of the Internal Audit Unit are governed by the following Internal Audit Charter: download