About CSR

As one of the largest state owned enterprises in Indonesia, which operates in telecommunications, Telkom has a corporate social responsibility (CSR) with a paradigm “Telkom is present for Indonesia, grow and develop together with the people of Indonesia”.  Telkom believes that improved social welfare will impact on the growth of Telkom’s business and vice versa. Therefore, in accordance to our CSR paradigm, we apply the profit-people-planet (“3P”) principles in our CSR implementation.



The legal basis to carry out the CSR program refers to a Government Regulation (“PP”) No.47/2012 on Social and Environmental Responsibility of Limited Liability Companies, which stipulates the implementation of Article 74 in the 2012 Law No. 40 on Limited Liability Companies. In accordance to the said law and regulation, Telkom issued a general policy for its CSR implementation laid out in the Corporate Policy No.PD.701.00/1.00/PR.000/COP-A3000000/2014 dated 14 October 2014 about the Management of Telkom Corporate Social Responsibility (Telkom CSR). Based on that policy, Telkom CSR program is divided into Partnership Program (“PK”), Community Empowerment Program (“BL”) and Public Relation CSR (“CSR PR”). The latter CSR program is a separate activity than the two former ones.



Telkom implements its CSR program based on issues that Telkom considers as relevant and significant, while also emphasizes on Telkom’s three CSR principles, namely:

  1. Digital environment. It encompasses development, provision, and management of telecommunications infrastructure and various information and communications technology (ICT) facilities to support and connect all public activities including activities to preserve the environment.
  2. Digital society. It aims to support community empowerment through education on making the best use of ICT to make their daily lives easier.
  3. Digital economy. It develops ICT facilities in various public services and provides support for small medium enterprises, especially in the creative industry sector, by maximizing the use if ICT.



Vision: Telkom has developed its CSR vision, “to be a leader in CSR implementation in Asia”.

Mission: Telkom has set out a set of mission to achieve its CSR vision:

  1. Cause promotion
  2. Cause related marketing
  3. Corporate social marketing
  4. Corporate philanthropy
  5. Community volunteering
  6. Socially responsible business practice

Goals: The goal is aimed to support the sustainability of the Company business through sustainable development in economy, social and environment, which involves TelkomGroup’s employees and stakeholders based on the triple bottom line, which are planet, people and profit.

  1. Planet. Taking into accounts efforts to preserve nature and environment in all the company’s operations.
  2. People. Developing reliable human resources when empowering the community through community development.
  3. Profit. Not merely seeking profits but also expecting to empower the local community’s economy.