Photo caption: Aid distribution in Cianjur at Datel Cianjur and STO Sukaresmi offices which serve as aid post commands.

Cianjur, 25 November 2022 - PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) set up evacuation posts as temporary shelters and distribute aid to people affected by the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Cianjur, West Java on Monday (21/11) at 13.21 local time, as a manifestation of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) presence for the community. TelkomGroup used its Datel Cianjur and STO Sukaresmi offices to become aid post commands and have been in operation since the day the quake struck.

"Taking on the Minister of SOEs' spirit when he visited the quake-stricken site,  Telkom continues to continuously provide assistance to the people in Cianjur and its surroundings, be it in the form of ready-to-eat food, mineral water, staple food, blankets, and medicines. This is a real manifestation of Telkom's concern and support, which we hope could ease the pain on our brothers and sisters who are affected by the disaster," Telkom Vice President of Corporate Communication, Andri Herawan Sasoko said.

Telkom has previously handed over 1,000 basic food packages to the community, including in the hamlets of Renyom and Nangleng, Nagrak village, Cianjur. Apart from social assistance, Telkom also provides free internet access services in several locations, including hospitals, health centers, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) posts, National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) posts, National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) to various SOE posts in the Cianjur area.

"Our focus at the moment is to ensure that the assistance is distributed to the right target  recipients and they can benefit from it," Andri added.

Regarding its services, TelkomGroup is striving to accelerate telecommunication services recovery in Cianjur Regency and its surroundings. Telecommunication infrastructure restoration includes repairs to base transceiver station towers and fiber optic networks. As of Thursday (24/11), Telkom has managed to restore services by repairing the damaged infrastructure. Meanwhile, there are customers who are still experiencing service disruptions since access routes to repair locations are still blocked by the landslides. 

In addition, several Telkom Automatic Telephone Exchanges' buildings are damaged and have unstable electricity, but their services continue to run as normal using generators.

Telkom West Java Executive Vice President Syaifudin said, “Currently Telkom is always monitoring the condition of buildings and telecommunications infrastructure in the Cianjur area. We will continue to ensure that people can use TelkomGroup services comfortably without significant obstacles."