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Powering inovation of digital products and service, including data & internet, network service, cloud & data center, manage service, signalling, and voice. We provide the best end-to-end service with a digital experience as well as providing innovative solutions that enable the digitization of companies around the world.

Ethernet Services

Networking service that enables businesses to efficiently connect and allows you to transfer sensitive data across the globe


A private network utilizing MPLS technology with domestic and global coverage

Signalling services for domestic operators or global telco provider. By using SS7 technology, signaling services can be utilized by domestic operators or global telco providers so that their availability, scalability and flexibility increase.

Internet Services

The connectivity market leader in Indonesia


Highly secure, cloud-delivered wide-area network.

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APJII West Java Regional Summit 2021, OSM RWS TREG III Introducing Telkom Digital Wholesale

OSM Regional Wholesale Service (RWS) Telkom Regional III West Java attended the Regional Work Meeting (RAKERWIL) of the Association of Indonesian Inte