Ethernet Services

Networking service that enables businesses to efficiently connect and allows you to transfer sensitive data across the globe

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Domestic Ethernet

An IP / Ethernet connectivity which covers a national wide, where the product choices we provide for this product category are metro ethernet and SL WDM

Metro Ethernet is a broadband communication network service solution based on IP / Ethernet technology with a metropolitan area coverage that can provide flexibility, simplicity, effectiveness and QoS (Quality of Service) for companies. This network can be used as a Metropolitan Access Network to connect subscribers and companies to a WAN (Wide Area Network) such as the internet to connect branch offices with headquarters in a metro area (intranet).

Benefits :

  • Standarized Service for point to point and point to multipoint connections
  • Scalability, providing services up to 1 Gbps
  • Reliability, the network's ability to detect and recover problems
  • Service Management, the ability to monitor, diagnose and manage the network

SL WDM is a WDM Technology-based which are dedicated and comply large bandwidth requirements to provide flexibility, simplicity, and network security, with the enhancement of service range up to 2500km

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