Smart City Solution

An integrated end to end ICT solution used in every aspect of city operations to provide a better quality of governance and community welfare

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ICT Infrastructure

A basic solution in connectivity infrastructure to support the implementation of ICT based solution in a certain region so that every entity in that region can be connected to each other and the connectivity will be able to be managed by the regional government.

Description :

New Mangoe Sky service is a broadband internet connectivity service with the speed of up to 6 Mbps which uses the satellite technology. New MangoeSky service provides the solution for the customers whose areas not reached by the fiber cable service

Benefits :

  1. The service reaches all of the cities in Indonesia
  2. The installation process is fast and easy
  3. 24/7 Helpdesk Service
  4. Offers the guarantee of 95% SLA

Features :

  1. The Interface Modem uses Ethernet
  2. Two-way configuration (full duplex)
  3. Static and Private addressing
  4. DNS caching
  5. VLAN tagging
  6. DHCP server or relay

Operation center solution of the whole activity in a certain region and displaying real time information through executive dashboard.

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