Jakarta, 1 August 2023 - As an effort to accelerate the digital ecosystem in Indonesia and as a form of support for digitalization of MSMEs, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) through the umbrella brand Leap-Telkom Digital (Leap) presents the best digital products and services that can be utilized by MSME actors, one of which is Logee as a digital platform that answers various challenges in the logistics sector. “The services provided by the Logee are tangible real contribution from Telkom in accelerating the implementation of digitalization that is smart and sustainable, economical, and accessible to all people, especially MSMEs in the country. Telkom always continues to innovate, including in terms of digital business schemes in the logistics sector," said Telkom Digital Business Director Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid.

Logee is not only present for the process of shipping goods, but also includes business schemes to make it easier for MSMEs to expand their sales reach which ultimately has an impact on the welfare of MSMEs through digital consignment business schemes. A consignment scheme is a sales transaction scheme carried out with a cooperation agreement between the product owner (consignor) and the seller (consignee) . The aim is to resell the goods or products to consumers at prices and terms that have been regulated in the agreement between the two.

Fajrin added, the consignment scheme can make it easier for product owners to distribute their goods to retailers or shops. Moreover, the number of stores that have joined the Logee platform in 2022 has reached more than 74 thousand stores. This figure increased by more than 780% compared to the previous year, namely more than 9,500 stores. That way, distributors have the opportunity to expand market reach and increase sales. In addition, through Logee, MSME actors can distribute their products to retail by depositing their products in 7 Logee warehouses spread across Java Island, as well as with all of Logee's operational and sales systems , these products can be absorbed quickly and easily.

Unlike other consignment businesses, the consignment scheme offered by Logee is digital and equipped with a visibility dashboard that presents transparent data on the status of goods to active and inactive outlet points so that product owners and shop owners can get valid and real-time data . In addition, each item sold will be processed for payment to product owners or distributors with the value of the goods sold in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and only takes one day after the product is sold.

" The Logee platform makes MSME or product owners no longer need to think about goods storage infrastructure, build an operational team, or ensure that their products are delivered properly or not," said Fajrin.

Logee brings a collaborative business spirit and grows together so that MSMEs can support each other and move up the grade together. As a buffer for the nation's economy, the welfare of MSMEs is in line with indicators that Indonesia is becoming an increasingly advanced country through digitization in various sectors. Logee is also integrated with various other digital products and services from Leap which can be seen at https://leap.digitalbisa.id/#products .