Photo caption: A member of Antares product team is operating a feature in the Smart Poultry farming system.

Photo caption: Smart Poultry environment sensor tool helps breeders to monitor their livestock cage conditions directly from a distance.


Jakarta, 1 December  2022 - As a state-owned enterprise in transformation into a leading digital telco, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) is committed to accelerating Indonesia's digital ecosystem. This is also in line with a mandate from Indonesia's Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Erick Thohir that Telkom must focus on encouraging digital potential in various segments, both in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). Therefore, Leap-Telkom Digital introduces Smart Poultry farming system from Antares to enable chicken farming businesses in urban and rural areas to benefit from digital technology. 

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the Smart Poultry platform helps chicken farming businesses to control their harvest period. One of the farms in Magetan, East Java, Karya Cipta Farm can now yield its harvest 25% faster compared to the previous harvests, thanks to the use of the Smart Poultry platform. This technology from Antares also reduces livestock death risk at Karya Cipta Farm by up to 80% and helps reduce operational expenses for Karya Cipta Farm by up to 50%.

Antares' Smart Poultry farming system aims to facilitate the real-time monitoring of livestock conditions and cage environment by installing its device to the livestock area. The Smart Poultry farming system technology installed on every floor of the farm also makes it easier for operators to carry out their daily operational activities more efficiently and practically.

IoT is a technology that works by implanting sensors in objects and software for the purpose of communicating, controlling, connecting and exchanging data through other devices while remaining connected to the internet. The Smart Poultry platform is a technology that utilizes IoT to complement sensors to help farmers monitor livestock environmental conditions directly from a distance.

Karya Cipta Farm has around 20,000 chickens which the owner manages with three workers. However, the farm owner said that he is often overwhelmed by manually and conventionally controlling all the farm's chickens. According to him, he must maintain extra thoroughness and prudence as well as being on time and on target. He also has to control and monitor his livestock on an ongoing basis, "Thankfully now Telkom has assisted through Antares' Smart Poultry IoT technology, so that control is much easier and the chicken harvesting process is better," the farmer said. 

"With this technology from Antares, farmers can find out the temperature, humidity, light level, wind speed, CO2 and ammonia levels, as the data is stored in the cloud and is accessible using a smartphone," Telkom Digital Business Director M. Fajrin Rasyid said.

Even though it required adjustments at the beginning to transition to digital using IoT Smart Poultry, now Karya Cipta Farm has benefitted from Antares' platform. The farm used to control its livestock conventionally by using a temptron to adjust the on and off switch of the blower on air circulation in the cage. This manual process has drawbacks when at certain times the blower may not function, and zero circulation has an adverse effect on the livestock's respiratory system. However, after using the Smart Poultry IoT technology, the chicken's respiratory system is improved and the farmer can control them more easily.

"Respiratory disorders could incur extra costs in chicken treatment. After we installed Smart Poultry IoT technology, we no longer detected any respiratory diseases among the chickens, so it saved us a lot of costs," he said.

Every chicken farmer certainly hopes to get optimal yields so that they can increase profits. To optimize crop yields, an important indicator that they must maintain is the Performance Indicator (IP) to match the ideal target. They can achieve ideal IP when the chickens are comfortable with their health, feed and cage conditions. When the chickens are fit and comfortable, farmers can see them grow as expected.

“The Antares platform also opens opportunities for application integration and development. For example, accounting applications and management of livestock farming to enrich Smart Poultry features both from a technical, administrative and simple calculation of profit and loss per cycle," Fajrin said.