Photo caption: The BNPB command post in Cianjur Regency Hall has free internet service available.

Photo caption: Telkom is trying to accelerate the telecommunication services recovery in Cianjur Regency and its surroundings by repairing the affected infrastructure.


Jakarta, 29 November 2022 - PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) recently handed over telecommunication assistance worth one trillion rupiah to continue providing support for communities affected by the earthquake in Cianjur, West Java. The assistance consists of support for communication facilities at post commands and public facilities as well as customer compensation for services that were disrupted after the earthquake. This is a concrete manifestation of Telkom's contribution as a leading digital telco company that exists for the community.

Telkom has distributed its support in communication facilities at 27 points of disaster response post locations, so that the affected community can benefit from smooth communication during the evacuation process and aid distribution to affected communities. Telkom provided its assistance for hospitals, health centers, evacuation posts, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) posts, National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) posts, Communication and Information Agency (Kominfo) posts, National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), to various state-owned enterprises posts in the Cianjur area.

The communication assistance distributed consisted of 12 IndiHomes, 11 Wifi Managed Service, 3 Orbit units, 2 Starlink satellite internet, 4 satellite telephone units, and 2 mobile cognitive radio base station units. This internet service is available not only for the operational activities of post command officers, but also for the displaced communities and affected customers.

Apart from handing over aid, Telkom continues to strive in accelerating telecommunication services recovery in Cianjur Regency and its surroundings by repairing the impaired infrastructure. Telkom's effort to repair the telecommunication infrastructure include repairs to base transceiver station towers and fiber optic networks. Telkom has also succeeded in improving telecommunications infrastructure and services, including in the Cugenang area where a landslide occurred. Moreover, Telkom also ensures that customers whose services were affected after the earthquake will be compensated. 

Telkom Regional III West Java Executive Vice President  Syaifudin said that the compensation provided to customers is in accordance with applicable regulations. "For affected IndiHome and business customers, we will provide compensation in accordance with the provisions of each customer's subscription contract," Syaifudin said. The communication assistance will continue to be distributed in stages according to needs and can be added again along with the post-earthquake recovery process.

Telkom had distributed 1,000 basic food packages and also allowed Datel Cianjur and STO Sukaresmi offices as temporary shelter posts as well as to distribute aid to 21 villages, 52 hamlets, and 4,100 affected people. Telkom also continuously provides assistance to people in Cianjur and its surrounding areas, in the form of ambulances, ready-to-eat food, mineral water, staple food, blankets, medicines, first aid, sanitation equipment, sleeping equipment, to psychological assistance in the form of trauma healing for victims.