Photo caption: Minister of National Development Planning Suharso Monoarfa (left) gave the Indonesia's SDGs Action Awards 2022 to Telkom Human Capital Management Director Afriwandi (right) at the awarding ceremony, Thursday (1/12).


Jakarta, 2 December 2022 - PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) won an award in the Big Business Actor category at the 2022 Indonesia's SDGs Action Awards organized by Indonesia’s Ministry of National Development Planning or Bappenas' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Secretariat as the National Coordinator for SDGs Achievement. Bappenas Minister Suharso Monoarfa gave the award to Telkom Human Capital Management Director Afriwandi at the awarding ceremony in The Sultan Hotel Jakarta on Thursday (1/12).

The Indonesia's SDGs Action Awards 2022 award is a token of appreciation for government and non-government institutions or agencies for their consistency to support achieving SDGs. The company goes through a series of rigorous assessment processes over its SDGs programs by involving a professional jury in the field of sustainable development. Innovation, multi-stakeholder participation in program implementation, program impact and inclusiveness, as well as the potential for scale-up and replication of sustainability programs were among the aspects that the company must have to be considered as an ideal SDGs program. 

Assessment over Telkom's three corporate social responsibility programs that has been in practice so far resulted in the Big Business Actor award for the company. Themed "Promoting Sustainable Impact Initiatives by Localizing SDGs to Build Prosperous Digital Society and Competitive Nation", Telkom as a digital telco company focuses its program on realizing digital sovereignty for all people.

Telkom's three CSR programs included in Indonesia's SDGs Action Awards 2022 award were the Innovillage programs: Socio-Digipreneurship Incubation, Education Digitalization, Increasing Access to Sanitation and Clean Water. Through these programs, Telkom supports the SDGs especially the 4th goal on quality education, 6th goal on access to clean water and sanitation, 8th goal on decent work and economic growth, 11th goal on sustainable cities and settlements, as well as the 12th goal on responsible consumption and production.

"This award is the result of Telkom's commitment and consistency in strengthening sustainable programs that have a positive impact on society, especially through the use of technology and digital innovation. Bappenas' appreciation has strengthened Telkom's steps as a digital telco company in the future to continue to innovate in more effective and efficient sustainable efforts that are of course aligned with SDGs indicators," Telkom Human Capital Management  Director Afriwandi said. 

Telkom measures its achievements based on the Social Return on Investment and Community Satisfaction Index for its innovations to ensure its programs' sustainability, through which Telkom can learn and adopt best practices to improve its programs and produce better innovations in the future. 

Telkom Wins Katadata Green Initiative Award

On the same day, PT Katadata Indonesia (Katadata) also awarded Telkom with the Katadata Green Initiative Award for its implementation and initiatives to increase the impact on the environment and create a sustainable system. Telkom VP Corporate Communication Andri Herawan Sasoko received the award at the awarding night in Aryanusa Ballroom, Thursday (1/12).

Telkom has gone through a series of assessments to identify the company's commitment and innovation in green practices for its sustainable programs, namely digitization initiatives in the assisted forest reforestation and conservation program using GIS. Telkom will continue to be consistent in developing this program to achieve the SDGs to create a green environment and a healthy ecosystem for society with digital innovation.

"This award will motivate us to focus more on implementing SDGs values and ESG practices in company activities for the sake of the sustainability of a more competitive company," Telkom VP Corporate Communication Andri Herawan Sasoko said upon receiving the award.